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At Prospect Athletics, we want to ensure that you get the most out of your experience. Our goal is to act as a resource to you and your athletic journey!

As of this writing here are some answers and links to basic questions about how to manage and edit an athlete profile. As of 1Q-2021, we are considering this feature to be in a "Beta" development state. Expect some unusual bugs and changing behavior.

How to I find my profile?
Your profile will be located by username at[username]
Users may look through entries to locate their name.

How to I edit my profile?
We’re sorting through this process. The easiest way is to use the "Login" or "Edit My Profile" buttons located in the navigation, footer, or on other athlete profiles. Logging in will return users to the home page of the site where they can select "Edit My Profile" links to edit their profile. Keep your username and password safe, anyone with proper credentials will have access to edit the information available.

How do I change my Username or Password?
Follow the steps to sign-in and edit a profile. The "Basic" section will allow athletes to update Username, Password, and assigned email. Be sure the email is one you can reach, as changes will need verification through email.

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Can I delete a profile?
Yes. That functionality will be added for users to remove themselves. Currently, we ask users or parents wishing to remove athlete listings to use our contact form. Give us some basic information about the athlete we are removing and we will remove the profile as soon as possible.

Policy Positions of Prospect Athletics

  • Prospect Athletics reserves the right to remove, delist, or suspend any user of the site for any reason with no questions asked.
  • Nudity, profanity, hate speech, unsportsmanlike conduct, threats, and similar behavior will result in a profile delisting. Athlete scores, participation, recognition, and awards may remain available through events, articles, and other forms throughout the site.
  • We encourage the site to be a fun, neutral, participatory place to let recruiters and coaches learn about where to see athletes next game, their skills, and academic qualifications to get Alaska athletes into prime schools and possibly careers in sports!

No. Prospect Athletics is a resource. We will promote, sponsor, and encourage athletes to train locally. We will also create events to encourage this connection of players, coaches and trainers, with great value to the athlete. Prospect Athletics will bring regional, national, and international trainers for coaches and/or athletes if there is value to the sports community. We are founded by a student athlete and a parent that through trial and error, pursued resources and connections to grow. We will continue to pursue ways that student athletes and their support can share their experiences of those we entrust in training, coaching or running programs. We value those that support our student athletes and put their interests first. Prospect Athletics will partner and/or support programs that hold to these standards.

Our goal is to bring the voices of student athletes and their support to the forefront. We want to bring stronger perspective where it should be- athletes doing, and those paying.

Yes! We would love to help you announce such a big accomplishment. Whether it's a public signing in the studio or graphic design on a poster, one of our biggest honors is knowing we could help you with such an exciting moment.

While basketball has been our first sport to cover, we plan on branching out to more sports in the future. Alaska has so much talent, and we'd eventually like to maximize other athletes potential in different sports. If you are or know of an athlete that you think would fit well on our page, contact us through email or the phone!

At Prospect Athletics, we are always looking for new connections to be made in the media and athletic world. If you’re interested in writing, filming, or being an ambassador, we’d love to meet you! Shoot us an email at or message one of our socials!

At the bottom of our home page, we offer a “search site” option where you can type in key words to the article or resource you are looking for. Try it out!

Under our “events” section, we’ve organized current sports camps and events hosted by local trainers and programs. Here is where you can keep up with the latest events to grow your game.

While we feature local athletes, coaches and trainers on our page, and aim to give you the best opportunities to grow your game, Prospect Athletics does not offer highlight reel services. If you'd like to discuss a feature, you can email us at

If you’d like to view your order history, you’ll find your account in the bottom right hand side of our home page, listed under, “order history.” Here is where you'll find a history of every item you've purchased, along with printable PDF's of your order(s).

Not all listed trainers have direct contact information given in our directory, but they do have social media accounts. If you’d like to contact someone, try messaging one of their accounts, or visit their website for more information.

If you’re looking to become a listed trainer or health professional, contact us by email ( or give us a call at (907) 529-9545.