Our story

It All Started With A High School Athlete and Her Dad.

Beginning a sports career late, we had no idea where to start on the path to the next level. While everyone else had been playing basketball since second grade, Lex started the year before the high school season had started. Once she decided to take ownership of her sport, we found that there were no resources to find what trainers to work with, what comp teams to join, or where to even begin looking for colleges to play for. Everything was by word of mouth, and most of the time you had to be deep in the basketball community to get any beneficial information.

So we just pushed through. Spent countless hours at the gym. Picked up every training video to pick up on more. Traveled out of state for any camps we could find. We even found a couple of local trainers to work with. But by the time senior year rolled around, knowing who to connect with to play college ball was difficult.

Now as a DII athlete at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Alexia and her dad Michael have started Prospect Athletics, a resource for athletes and their parents who are searching for an insider look on the local and national basketball community. We want to help hungry athletes grow their game and realize their potential. Because we understand what it’s like to start at ground-zero. The mission of Prospect Athletics is to give athletes equal access to reach their goals and know their worth, because you’re more than what people say you are.